Springtime at Lake Balboa

Neek sez:

The ducks were a little feisty when Lex and I visited Lake Balboa in the San Fernando Valley, California.  A boy and his grandparents were feeding them with loaves of bread which made them go a little crazy.  The lake is filled with reclaimed water from the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant and has been a home for ducks, geese, cormorants, seagulls, turtles, and fish.

The Anthony C. Beilenson Park where the lake is located is named after a former Congressman from Southern California.  He served in the U.S. House of Representatives for ten terms from 1977 to 1997 and was known for establishing the “Beilenson Act” which required public hearings when a hospital in California closed down or had to reduce their services.  He had just passed on March 5, 2017, at age 84, not too long before we shot our video.


It was a beautiful spring morning when we visited and many families were already there having picnics and getting ready to set up a barbeque.  Our main goal in visiting the park was to see the blossoming of the Cherry Blossoms.


After a drought of 5 years, a number of trees had died but this year was thankfully different.  We had a record amount of rain and the flowers were blooming.  We hope you enjoy these photos!




10 thoughts on “Springtime at Lake Balboa

  1. MadRose says:

    It’s a quiet Easter day for me and I’m doing internet, and what a delight to check out your blog and see this! Yummy! Beautiful pictures of Spring. Especially on a rainy, windy day in Oregon! What a terrific wildlife video of the cormorant trying to swallow a whole fish! You guys are great! Thanks! One thing ~ where is this located?! When I lived in Encino as a girl there was a park on the edge of Encino called Balboa Park. It had tennis courts and grass. This can’t be the same place! I take it it’s in the San Fernando area, but didn’t exist when I lived in So. Cal. Is it in the Sepulveda basin? That area was cement and nothingness when I lived there. It’s great to see environmental beauty that exists now. I will always miss the So. Cal scene.
    You guys look sooo good, too!


    • We’re glad to bring some sunny Springtime to your Easter! Yes, we were wondering how that battle between the cormorant and the fish was going to end. We’re not sure if the park you remember as a girl is the same park as the Anthony C. Beilenson Park at Lake Balboa – the one we visited is on Balboa Boulevard and the nearest cross-street is Victory Boulevard. We definitely thought it was beautiful and we’re glad you appreciate it – and us! Thanks!


  2. Is this place in the valley? I think I used to go running and walking here sometimes. It has been a long time so I dont remember the name but this looks just like it! I never saw those flowers blooming when I was there. Those are beautiful!

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    • Yes, it’s in the San Fernando Valley. Balboa Lake is in the Eastern part near the Sepulveda Dam area. The cherry blossom only bloom for a few weeks in March but with the horrible drought, a lot of them had died. It was great to see them again. Thanks for reading our blog post!

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