July 23, 2016 Sand Fire – Santa Clarita, California

Lex and Neek sez:

We didn’t have to travel far to share this with you!  There is a huge fire right outside our neighborhood in southern California going on right now.  The Sand Fire, named after the Sand Canyon in Santa Clarita, California, has burned over 20,000 acres around and in the Angeles National Forest and as of now is still only 10% contained.

We’ve been dealing with the excessive smoke in the air since 2pm yesterday, but today we began to notice the smoke was getting so thick it was blanketing the entire sky making it appear as if it was about to rain!    As we walked outside closer to where we saw the fire coming from, we could see that what had earlier been high in the mountains had spread to the lower foothills.  Smoke just billowed out of control.

All around our feet on the road you could see the ashes which looked like a mixture of snow and glass.  The ash swirled around our eyes and was covering the top of the water in our neighborhood pool and Jacuzzi.  We had to leave as it was getting harder to breathe outside with the thick smoke.  We walked outside around our neighborhood and were astounded to discover the sun had turned blood red!  On the video it looks more pink, but it’s still a scary sight to behold.  We’re OK for now, hopefully the Fire Department will get more of the Sand Fire contained soon.



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