Deliciously Hot Grand Central Market in Historic Downtown Los Angeles

Lex sez:

Within walking distance of The Last Bookstore is the Grand Central Market.  Located in the Broadway commercial corridor of downtown Los Angeles, Grand Central Market is filled with dozens of places that serve every type of cuisine you can imagine.

Neek and I figured it would be an ideal area to have lunch before moving on to visit other historic places nearby.

We figured that it would be a popular destination, but had no idea just how crowded a Saturday afternoon could be there!


Every neon sign was usually accompanied by some wonderful savory aroma with an attractive menu, but that also included a long line of hungry customers.  Plus there was not a single open table or empty chair in sight!


I think taking that evidence into consideration; it’s safe to say that Grand Central Market is a great place to eat.  We’ll just have to experience that pleasure ourselves some other time.

Neek sez:

Our stomachs were grumbling after trekking through The Last Bookstore so we decided to grab a bite at the historic Grand Central Market.


Grand Central Market opened in 1917.  At the time, Bunker Hill was the one of the richest neighborhoods in downtown Los Angeles with its beautiful, elaborate Victorian Mansions.


The residents of the area often rode on Angel’s Flight to Grand Central Market to shop for groceries.  In time, the area changed, the mansions were demolished and Angel’s Flight was closed down and dismantled.  The market was in decline but still continued to operate.  In the 1980’s, a developer named Ira Yellin bought Grand Central Market and other historic buildings in the area and began its revitalization.  Mr. Yellin has passed away in 2001 but his wife Adele Yellin continues on his work.

Today, the market is a bustling foodie’s paradise with shops and cuisine that reflects the diverse population of the area.

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The dishes smelled so yummy and the neon signs were so inviting but we couldn’t get passed the crowds.  Also, since Grand Central Market is an open air market and it was an extremely hot day, we decided to visit back some other day and opted for an air conditioned burger place nearby.  Oh well!


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