Badlands National Park in South Dakota – Road Trip Day 4 Ep.8

Neek sez:

There’s a timeless quality to the Badlands in South Dakota. The scenery is undeniably stark and desolate. It’s an unearthly-looking landscape whose origins are presented in the fossilized remains of mammals from the prehistoric Oligocene Period. We were mesmerized.

The park encompasses 242,726 acres (98,240 ha) which also includes some prairieland. Lex, Sar and I were looking forward to exploring the largely undisturbed National Park and explore the belly of its canyons and pinnacles. But first, we visited the Ben Reifel Visitor’s Center to get a better understanding of its history. Continue reading

Minuteman Missile Historic Site in South Dakota – Road Trip Day 4 Ep.7

Lex sez:

It might be easy to think of the Cold War as something in the past.  With that thought, it might be easy to think we’re no longer in danger of nuclear war.  But when we visited the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site in South Dakota, it not only brought the past vividly to life, it also served as a sober reminder of how the threat of nuclear annihilation never really went away.

Because we had already purchased timed tickets, Neek, Sar and I arrived extremely early in the parking lot outside the Delta-01 Launch Control Facility.  Continue reading

Close Encounters at Devils Tower National Monument – Road Trip Day 3 Ep.3

Lex sez:

We left Gillette, Wyoming early in the morning after a quick breakfast and headed out on the Interstate 90 heading east.  There was a bit of cloudiness when we first started out, but once we headed up Highway 14 the horizon began to clear.  Then we turned on Highway 24 and the sight we were waiting for appeared.

Seeing Devils Tower on the horizon is amazing.  Neek, Sar and I pulled over once we saw a turn-out and got out to get a better view.  Continue reading

A Lush Waterfall and The Ancient Spires of Nature

Lex sez:

We drove away from Crater Lake in search of other beautiful parts of this spectacular national park.  About three miles east of the park headquarters, we came across the gorgeous Vidae Falls.  This pretty waterfall has a 100 foot drop.  We pulled over to the turn-out by the side of the road, and Neek and I got out of the car to take a closer look.

Just standing by the side of the road we could hear the water falling and we took some pictures from there.  Then we both got a bit adventurous and started climbing up the side of the mountain to get a better view.  Continue reading

On the Road to Crater Lake National Park

Neek sez:

It’s hard not to be sidetracked by amazing sights on a road trip.  You want to keep stopping and explore.  Well, Lex and I couldn’t resist stopping by the side of the road when we were driving to Crater Lake National Park.

We just had to walk into the forest and experience it…..

Continue reading

Fountain Paint Pot and Minerva Terrace – Changing Landscapes

Lex sez about Fountain Paint Pot:

After leaving Old Faithful Inn, we drove almost nine miles to our next destination, the Fountain Paint Pot.  It seemed like hundreds of bubbles were popping every second.  But I didn’t think it was nearly as loud as the fumaroles next to it.  I thought I was used to the smell of sulfur by then, but it was even more intense here than at Old Faithful.

There was a trail that we followed in the area allowing us to see other geysers.The clouds overhead had grown thicker, which really created a mystical atmosphere complementing the steaming geysers.  Neek and I got back in our car and drove off as the rain started to Continue reading

Old Faithful Visitor Center and Upper Geyser Basin

Lex sez:

The terrain around the Old Faithful Inn has so much more than just the Old Faithful geyser.  The Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone is a geothermal area with the highest concentration of geysers in the world!  Before checking that out, Neek and I walked over to the Old Faithful Visitor Educational Center.  There were a lot of colorful and informative displays on the many natural wonders at Yellowstone and a gift shop with a lot of great books I enjoyed browsing.  They even had a short film presentation, but unfortunately Neek and I were too pressed for time to watch it: we had hiking to do!

We decided the best way to cover the most sights was to split up.  Neek set out on a more direct path while mine was a little more curvy.  Both of us tried to see as many geysers as we could on our way to the same destination: Morning Glory Pool. Continue reading