That’s From Disneyland! – Disneyland Memorabilia Pop-Up Exhibit and Auction

Neek sez:

Every summer, my Mom and Dad would take us to Disneyland.  We had choices of visiting Knotts Berry Farm or Universal Studios or even Magic Mountain but Sar and I always choose Disneyland.

So much has changed at the park throughout the years and Lex, Sar and I have missed seeing some of the attractions from our childhood so when we heard that a Disneyland Memorabilia Pop-Up Exhibit was being held right nearby our home, we just had to visit.

Richard Kraft who is the collector partnered with Van Eaton Galleries to create a pop-up exhibit of his collection before it goes to auction.  The exhibit will be open from August 1 to August 26, 2018 and the auction will take place on August 24 to 26.Mr. Kraft had spent 25 years collecting and storing his Disneyland artifacts in his home, office and numerous storage facilities.  He is presenting this free exhibit as a way of sharing his passion with the public and a way for him to say good-bye to them.

A portion of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Coffin-Siris Foundation and Chime Institute: Early Education Programs.

Do you recognize any of the following artifacts or rides when you were a kid?


















The exhibit address is:

13730 Riverside Dr. (At the old Sports Authority building)
Sherman Oaks, CA  (Free Parking too!)


14 thoughts on “That’s From Disneyland! – Disneyland Memorabilia Pop-Up Exhibit and Auction

  1. MadRose says:

    Wow, did I tear-up with nostalgic and happy memories, as I watched your video! I was 5 when I first went to Disneyland. And, that was when it first opened! Oh, how I wish I had won the lottery and could bid on some of the items, particularly the Pirates of the Caribbean poster that my dad did the silk-screen art work on, yes, while working at Gangi Studios, in No. Hollywood. I remember the sea serpent from the submarine ride. The Monsanto Home of the Future, which many of the things in it we did not believe would happen (and they did). So many other exhibits from all the many times I visited…Wish I had bought a Sunkist map of Disneyland for 50 cents back then! I vividly recall my parents buying “ticket books” for us, and most of Fantasyland rides were marked as10 cent rides on the coupons. How wonderful you were not only able to go see this, but have it mean so much to you all, because you remembered it from being there in your youth!

    THANK YOU for sharing!

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    • It was truly an overwhelming experience seeing so many things from the Disneyland of our youth. I thought you might enjoy seeing that Pirates of the Caribbean poster! It’s too bad that neither of us can afford anything being auctioned there, but I’m glad we were able to share some of what we saw with you this way. You are so welcome and I’m glad seeing it moved you! -Lex


  2. My family is a very big Disney fan. We would have enjoyed this exibit as much as you did. You were lucky that you got to go to Disney growing up. My first ever Disney was when I was 36 year old! Hehe But I am very very grateful that my husband and I get to bring our kids to Disney whenever we can. The only ones we haven’t been to was Orlando’s and Shanghai’s.

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    • That’s wonderful that you have been to the other Disneyland parks! We’ve only been to Orlando and California but Sar’s been to Tokyo’s years ago. Thanks for commenting on our post. It was a great visit and brought back so many great memories of the park. Take care!

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