Road Trip California to Utah – Day 1 Ep. 1

Neek sez:

It’s bad enough trying to get some sleep before a big road trip but when someone starts gunning their motorcycle outside your home at 2:00 in the morning, you start saying some very bad words. Oh well, we had to get up at 4:00 AM anyways. After our epic road trip last year to Oregon, Washington, The Canadian Icefields, Yellowstone, and Las Vegas, we decided that we would take another one to Wyoming, South Dakota, Nevada, and Northern California to have some more amazing journeys in fun.

We left at 5:00AM and would be traveling over 10 hours to get to our motel in Utah. First, we decided to visit Whiskey Pete’s in Primm, Nevada so we could make a pit stop and visit some pretty intense relics of the past.

Whiskey Pete’s is the home of the last car that Bonnie and Clyde drove. The owner of Whiskey Pete’s bought it for $250,000 in 1988.


There have been rumors that the car was only a prop used in the famed movie with Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty but this has been documented to be the actual one in the shootout. The one from the movie is reportedly in Tennessee.


Bonnie and Clyde robbed dozens of banks and killed at least nine people during their two-year crime spree. On May 23, 1934, law officers killed them in a roadblock ambush, shooting the car with more than 100 bullets.


The exhibit includes various newspaper clippings, letters of the car’s authenticity and the last shirt that Clyde Barrow had worn.

The numerous bullets on the car’s exterior give a grim reminder of how violent their deaths were.


Besides, Bonnie and Clyde’s car, Al Capone had bullet proofed Dutch Schultz’s car after getting it from the notorious gangster but that didn’t stop a subsequent owner from shooting the car to make it look like it was in a gun fight. It’s also on display.


Back on the road, we passed by Las Vegas and made our way to Arizona where the landscape begins to change and we start to drive through beautiful rock formations. We decide to stop and see the Virgin River Gorge.


The Virgin River Gorge is a long canyon that was carved out by the Virgin River in northwest Arizona. The Gorge connects the southwestern rim of the Colorado Plateau and the northeastern part of the Mojave Desert and is quite amazing.


The Virgin River is a tributary of the Colorado River and was named after Thomas Virgin, who, led by Jedediah Smith in 1826, was one of the first Americans to see it. Smith first named it “Adams River” (after President John Quincy Adams) but then explorer, mapmaker, and later on Colonel; John C. Fremont changed it to the present name.


As a side note: The Virgin River Gorge section of Interstate 15 is one of the most expensive parts of the interstate highway ever constructed due to the challenges of making a roadway through a winding canyon.

We drove for hours after this and finally made it to Utah! Since Utah is in Mountain Time, we had to set our car clock one hour ahead. Lex, Sar and I were exhausted. It took us 13 hours to get here but we were excited and looking forward to our next journey. Next stop, Wyoming!


12 thoughts on “Road Trip California to Utah – Day 1 Ep. 1

  1. That was a marathon drive, you guys! Adi and I did one drive like this to the Isle of Skye from Northampton for 14 hours. It made my mind go numb. It broke us. In the UK no one drives beyond three hours and they look at you in alarm if you say you have been driving for four hours or so. We used to find it amusing and it is ironic that we have ended up just like that now. I cannot sit in the car for more than a couple of hours or it freezes my bums!

    Bonnie and Clyde’s actual car…the bullets. Made me shiver. The gorge is gorgeous and I am adding these to our list of to-dos in the future. Also, Neek, are you and Sar twins? 🙂 xx

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    • Wow! A 14 hour drive would make anyone go pretty bonkers! We haven’t done that yet 😉 I only got used to 10 hour drives because Lex is from Oregon and we usually drove from Los Angeles to there in one day.

      Sar and I are not twins but most people we meet seem to think that we are. We like to tell people that we are twins but born in different years 😉 When Sar says it, they actually believe it! She says it more convincingly than I do – Neek

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  2. MadRose says:

    It’s July 25th, and I am just starting to read about this trip! Working this summer has cut into my free-time and I am way behind in reading your blogs, so I skipped over to this one and will catch up soon. After reading this one it’s “WAH-h-h-h! I wanna be on a road trip!” You took me through a part of the west I haven’t seen yet! Thank you! I loved seeing it, and all 3 of you enjoying it! It takes me 12 hours to drive from Medford to L.A. and I know the zombie feeling, half-way through. Right now I’ve got to get to ranger work and take visitors on their trolley ride around Crater Lake National Park today! Look forward to reading the 2nd blog!

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    • I’m so glad that you’ve found time in the middle of your busy ranger schedule to read about our trip! Hopefully all of your trolley riders appreciate all the good work you do. Yes, there’s something so exhilarating (but also exhausting!) about hitting the open road and going the distance! That’s wonderful that you enjoyed reading about it and watching us. Try to stay cool at Crater Lake and hope you do get time to read more! -Lex


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