Universal Studios Hollywood Part 2 – Fire Stunts and Harajuku Girls

Lex sez:

Neek, Sar and I decided to enjoy some of the sit-down shows they have at Universal Studios after finishing our fantastic lunch.  The Special Effects show was both visually astounding and humorously done.  There were a number of times they did a great job of incorporating volunteers from the audience into their demonstrations, like having someone dress in an astronaut outfit to show how they simulate space walking in movies.  But they did not use a volunteer to demonstrate the fire walking; that was a highly trained professional and boy, is it scary to watch live!

Slightly less scary but just as much fun was the Animal Actors show. 


Continuing with our adventures!

There we got to watch cute and funny animals interact with their animal trainers for scenes in motion pictures.  I particularly enjoyed watching the dogs, they were cute and funny.  What impressed me the most was the hawk trained to fly to people by picking a dollar bill out of their hand.  Smart bird!


The lower level of Universal Studios has lots of cool things to check out.  In addition to the Jurassic Park ride which is great on a hot day for cool water relief (it wasn’t too hot that day so we didn’t go on) this is also where they have rides for The Mummy and Transformers.  We loved seeing the actors dressed up in those respective roles.  One Egyptian Pharaoh seemed fascinated by Sar’s camera!


To end the great day, we walked over to Universal CityWalk.  Designed by Jon Jerde, CityWalk opened in May 1993, then had a $1 billion, 93,000 square foot (8,600 m2) expansion in 2000.


The central plaza has a 170 foot radial trellis designed and built by Pearce Structures, who also constructed Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona.


There are so many enticing shops at CityWalk!  We were kind of interested in checking out the donut shop there, but the line was way too long and they even had a security guard there to keep order.


There was one fascinating shop where a number of Asian girls dressed up in Sweet Lolita (Harajuku, Tokyo-style) clothes were congregating.  Not sure if they were directly associated with the store or just shopping there, but they kindly obliged when Neek asked to take their picture.  Then we walked over to the iFly where you can simulate a skydive.  We were very impressed watching the brave people (some of them little kids!) who participated.  All in all, it was an exciting day!




6 thoughts on “Universal Studios Hollywood Part 2 – Fire Stunts and Harajuku Girls

  1. What a fun day out for you three! I thought the Transformer guys were quite cool apart from the guy (literally ;)) on fire. The best part was that I finally got to lay eyes on Neek. You guys make a perfect couple 🙂 Btw I have had a taste of Bubba Gump Shrimp in Hong Kong and I fell for it. Their desserts are outstanding.

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    • Hey, this is Lex. Glad you enjoyed seeing the Transformer guys – we thought they were cool and funny. Thanks for the compliment, Neek and I have fun together! One of these days we should try Bubba Gump. We’re near a couple of restaurants but haven’t tried dinner or dessert. Maybe next time!

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      • Hello there Lex, you are welcome 🙂 That is the best kind of thing to hear. That you have fun together. Yes, you will have to put a rock on your heart and dig into those desserts and even their shrimps were fabulous 😀

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