A Merry Christmas Thank You!

Lex and Neek sez:

What we find extraordinary about this time of year are those moments of quiet reflection and shared beauty.  Hanging ornaments on the tree inevitably becomes a walk through memory lane of Christmases past when you first got that ornament.

Listening to a particular version of a Christmas song and remembering where you were and how old you were the first time you heard it.


The warmth you feel even on the coldest nights sharing the glowing lights wrapped along the roofs of houses as you drive along the road is a feeling of incomparable joy and tranquility.


We want to share some of that warm feeling and fellowship with everyone who took the time to read our blog or watch our videos, and those who liked, shared or subscribed.


We really have enjoyed what we’ve been doing this year sharing our travels and other adventures.


It’s really touching when someone shows their appreciation for what we’re doing, so during this holiday season we wanted to let you all know: we appreciate you! 

Merry Christmas and may we all try to keep the kind, generous spirit of the season all year long!


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