The Rolls Royce of Jerky – Jacksonville’s Gary West Meats

Lex sez:

While Gary West may not be from the Old West, serving the city of Jacksonville, Oregon for 50 years is still quite an accomplishment!  This is a place that The Today Show called the “Rolls-Royce of jerky” and it is the place to go for the best smoked meats in Oregon.

We pulled into their parking lot and saw there were a couple of signs celebrating their 50th anniversary.

When we opened the door, we could see the place was packed with all different varieties of meats!  The store clerk was very friendly and asked what we were doing in town.  When I told her we were in Jacksonville for my sister’s wedding, she told us that some of our relatives had been in the store earlier that day!  They may have a national reputation, but they still have small town friendliness.


They also have lots of tasty samples!  There were meat samples, cheese samples, even popcorn samples.  The meat samples were all very tasty; one sample case even had mustard to dip it in.  They even have wine tasting there, but we didn’t try that this time.  Neek, her sister, and I all found a good piece of jerky to buy.


There are lots of great stores in Jacksonville and Gary West is certainly one of them!

Neek sez:

Visiting Jacksonville, Oregon, we couldn’t leave without stopping at Gary West Meats.  They happened to be celebrating 50 years of smoking meats and creating tasty jerky.


Gary West’s family has been in the Jacksonville area since the 19th century.  His grandfather, Nelson Pursel was born in Jacksonville in 1883 and his descendents have worked and lived in Jacksonville since then.


Gary West began his store in 1966.  His smoked meats have won numerous awards.  Aside from all of that, we just enjoyed sampling their delicious smoked meats.  It was great!  They do sell other things such as snack items, gift baskets, liquor and jams but their meats are the best.  We tried a variety of their items but ended up buying their traditional beef strips.  Delicious!


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