Los Angeles County Fair 2016 – We Came, We Saw, We Ate Too Much!

Lex sez:

One of the highlights of our summer was going to the Los Angeles County Fair at the Pomona Fairplex in Pomona, California.  There are so many rides and attractions there, it is truly massive!

We started off by checking out the DIY contestants which included entries for quilts, table settings, wine, beer and baked goodies.  Some truly amazing offerings, particularly the Breakfast at Tiffany’s table setting and the Russian Orthodox cake design impressed me.

County fair just ain’t county fair without the guilty pleasure of fair food packed with calories, cholesterol…oh, and craveable deliciousness!  There are so many places to choose from for lunch, all trying to outdo their competitor with what they’re willing to deep-fry.

I decided to hold off on the deep-fried foods (temporarily, more on that later) and settled for sandwiches and fries.  We had tri-tip and brisket sandwiches and my personal favorite, pulled pork.  All slathered with enough barbecue sauce to swim in.  What a feast!


After stuffing ourselves, we wandered over to the Millard Sheets Art Center.  It was a great place to relax and enjoy a wonderful selection of photography, paintings and other artistic offerings.  My favorite was the amazing sculpture of the muscular tree with the face.  It looks almost alive!

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What a fantastic time I had at the sports exhibit.  I might not run or pitch too fast, but I sure had a fun time doing it!  But it was also great to see the entire scope of sports history and somberly reflect on the incredible courage of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier.  It was also great to see the tribute to the incomparable broadcaster Vin Scully, who is retiring this year.

More staples of the county fair we couldn’t miss: parades and animals!  It was a lot of fun watching the parade of marching bands, fire trucks and police, classic cars and live bands.  So many were throwing out beads, I managed to snag a few.


Then we walked over to the Jurassic Planet area where there were huge turtles, zebras and one very sweet giraffe named Stanley.

Then we walked over to the Home and Garden Neighborhood to see the Art of Watercolor.  It was very pretty and I enjoyed how cool it felt in there.


But what I was really looking forward to in that building was doing some wine tasting!  I picked out five highly rated wines, Neek found a table where we could sit down, and then we both began tasting.  As you can see watching the video, we agreed on some, disagreed on others, but whether we loved or hated the taste, it was fun doing it!  We even had time before we left the building to try tasting olive oil.  Not something we do regularly, but it was interesting.


As twilight approached, there was one thing we wanted to do before leaving that we hadn’t done: share a deep-fried dessert!  There were so many choices, but I think Neek and I picked a real winner in getting a deep-fried Snickers.  I loved how gooey and melty it was and still crunchy with the nuts inside.  My only regret from that day is that we didn’t have time to do more!

Neek sez:

The Los Angeles County Fair ran from September 2nd to 25th this year. It’s the fourth largest fair in the USA and one of the most ethnically diverse.  You can get any type of cuisine here including Greek, Asian, Mexican, Italian and good ole barbeque.


The fair began in October 1922 and continued on regularly except for a time in World War ll, when the fairgrounds were used by the army as an assembly center for Japanese Americans before being sent to internment camps, and on September 11 when terrorists attacked the US.  During the 1930’s a number of beautiful buildings were added due to the Works Projects Administration (WPA). There are a number of commemorative placards on various buildings.


Every year, Lex and I try to attend the LA County Fair because of the interesting agrarian history of the Los Angeles area.  Although a lot of the original past agricultural displays have become obsolete, the fair still retains its farming roots heritage with the animal husbandry competitions and the recently expanded area of “The Farm” showing how food is grown.

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I personally enjoyed the DIY competitions and exhibits but I think Lex enjoyed the Sports Exhibit more.  We both went crazy over the barbeque and you’ll have to see the video to see what we thought of the wine and olive oil tasting.

The Millard Sheets Art Center was impressive, showcasing various artists of the Los Angeles County Area.  The works were so creative and beautiful.  The bronze men sculptures from the 1950’s in the courtyard were compelling and unique but the one with The Little Mermaid was tender and intimate.


The Flowers and Garden Pavilion looked and smelled marvelous!  I didn’t there were so many different types of roses!


The waterfall was so refreshing and cool with the ambient lights changing in the background.  “Watercolors” was definitely the theme aptly depicted here!

We loved seeing Smokey the Bear and enjoyed catching some of the beads during the parade.


We spent several hours at the fair but I don’t think we saw even half of it.  Maybe next year!


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