Downtown Las Vegas – Container Park and Fremont Street Experience

Lex sez about Container Park:

In downtown Las Vegas, there is a very unique shopping center that announces its distinctiveness with a giant praying mantis perched in front of the opening.  This is Container Park, an open-air shopping center built from shipping containers.


Located on Fremont Street, there are a number of different retail shops and restaurants on the premises.

Neek and I had a lot of fun walking around and discovering the many different ways shipping containers could be arranged for people to use.


I found The Treehouse particularly fascinating with containers stacked lengthwise to form a treehouse that kids were having a great time climbing.  There was also a wide open space inside that kids would play around in during the day that would be used for concerts at night for adults.

Lex sez about Fremont Street Experience:

Night time is definitely more geared toward adults in downtown Las Vegas, especially at the Fremont Street Experience.  Two things stand out in the Fremont Street Experience as being particularly prominent.  One is the Slotzilla Zip Line. This is a ride that flies across the Experience 77 feet up.

The other is the Viva Vision light shows.  Neek and I arrived at a time when one of the shows was being broadcast, which is quite spectacular!

In addition, there are lots of other shows going on.  Almost every block of the Experience has either a concert in progress, magic, dancing or some form of entertainment.  It really is an ongoing party atmosphere once the sun goes down.  So many glittering lights walking down Fremont!  One other illuminating note: that praying mantis in front of Container Park – all lit up at night too.

Neek sez about Container Park:

Going to Container Park is such a unique shopping, dining, and outdoor experience.  What a wonderful way of using repurposed shipping containers and in such a creative architectural way.


Besides the shipping containers, there are various modular cubes which are made of steel and are about 250 square feet.  From the second story, you can get a great view of the stores, restaurants, stage, and play area.

During the day, you can see families and their children playing with the vertical shipping container treehouse and the various fun slides.  The little ones can play in the foam play area where there are blue cubes to throw and jump on and have a great time.


When the sun goes down, the Praying Mantis sculpture lights up and so does Container Park.  After 9PM, the area changes into a night time strictly enforced 21 or older age limit with live music and a bar atmosphere.

Neek sez about Fremont Street Experience:

What can I say about the Fremont Street Experience?  Well, it’s naughty and naughtier. Apart from the great Via Vision which shows the ultimate light show with 12.5 million LED lights on a screen 90 feet above your head at night, there are a myriad of characters roaming the mall with dubious outfits.

Aside from some interesting performers, Fremont Street is a massive pedestrian mall with a sensory overload of neon lights, vid screens, towering casinos, shops and ads promising a very affordable steak dinner.  There are even some lovely ladies that will dance for you on an outdoor bar.

During the summer, there are outdoor stages where you can enjoy a variety of concerts by musical performers (some well known and some not) for free.

It’s a fun, loud, exciting, entertaining place!  And whatever happened there will stay there.



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