Vancouver Lookout Tower – Where’s Neil Armstrong’s….

Neek sez:

Neil Armstrong who was the first astronaut to walk on the moon  opened the Vancouver Lookout Tower in August 13, 1977 and left his footprint there in cement.


Unfortunately, it didn’t stay there because it was lost or stolen during its renovation.  It’s a mystery….

The Vancouver Lookout tower might look familiar from numerous appearances in recent television shows such as Arrow and DC Legends of Tomorrow.  We like visiting towers because it gives such a great view of the city and we can see where we want to go visit next. The panoramic scenes of Stanley Park, the Pacific Ocean, the Olympic and North Shore Mountains are unsurpassed.


This tower also has a revolving restaurant and it’s just steps away from Waterfront Station, a major transit hub where you can catch public transportation to your next destination.

The daily admission ticket is good for all day.  So you can see the sites during the day and see the city light up at night.  Enjoy.

Lex sez:

We were a bit concerned driving into Canada the night before visiting the Vancouver Lookout Tower.  After crossing the border (where the humorless border guard looked more like a Navy SEAL than a Canadian Border Guard!) we encountered pretty steady rain on the road to our motel.  We were looking forward to another beautiful 360º aerial view after our wonderful experience in Seattle and so far it did not seem promising in Vancouver.


But when we woke up the next morning, Neek and I were very pleased to see that most of the clouds were gone.  We drove to the Vancouver Lookout Tower and got our tickets for the observation deck.  The 40 second glass elevator ride was fun and gave us a great look of the surrounding buildings.  The observation deck was a really spectacular view; they did a great job optimizing glass use without using too many connecting bars to mar the panoramic experience.  We got a fantastic view of Stanley Park through one of the many telescopes they have perched there.  The Lookout is very near the BC Place Stadium, home of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.


But the highlight for me was getting to see Mount Baker!  There was a guide giving a tour at the moment I noticed and asked her which mountain it was.  She told me that it was a very rare sighting on the observation deck; often it’s just too cloudy to see it.  I left feeling very fortunate to have had such a unique experience!


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