Two Bit Saloon – Kick Back and Chow Down

Neek sez:

We read on Tripadvisor that the buffalo burgers at this saloon were pretty good so Lex and I decided to try it out.  The Two Bit Saloon has been open for 40 plus years and is conveniently located just across from the Roosevelt Arch which was great for us.

First walking into the saloon, you see some people trying their luck at the gaming machines, past that is an old fashioned mirrored saloon bar with a variety of taps and premium liquor bottles.  We decided to go into the dining area which had two pool tables in the center and the dining area against the walls.

I loved all of the wall hangings and memorabilia.  It definitely made you feel as though you were in Montana.

The bartender who was also the host took our order.  We ordered buffalo burgers, a chicken salad to share and two beers.

The following is why I looked kind of weird on the video:

I was a little hesitant about trying a buffalo burger.  I mean a long time ago, my Dad had been given some buffalo meat from a friend and gave it to my Mom to cook.  She didn’t know what to do with it, so when she asked my Dad (being Japanese) he said, “Make sukiyaki”.  So, she did and she made it with soy sauce, sake, and saccharin! (my Dad was having issues with hypoglycemia).  Ugh! My family gagged their way through dinner.  My Mom blamed it on my Dad wanting her to make sukiyaki with it, he blamed it on her cooking.  They got into a huge fight.  She also blamed it on the buffalo meat but I think it might have been the preparation. I hadn’t tried the meat since.bison-160267_1280

When Lex was filming the video, I was really scared to try the burger.  Bad memories! But I said I would and when I tried it, I liked it!  It was juicy, not gamey and really good.  My surprised reaction on the video is true.  I actually thought that the cook had made us regular beef burgers and not buffalo but it was real.  No more buffalo sukiyaki!  We drank the two beers and ate everything.  It was delicious.

Lex sez:

After driving all day through Yellowstone, Neek and I were pretty tired arriving back in Gardiner, Montana after 5pm.  We wanted to find a place for dinner where we could kick back, relax and be served something tasty.  I was particularly vocal about wanting to try a buffalo burger, which I knew several of the restaurants in Gardiner served.  Two Bit Saloon seemed to be one of the more affordable places this was offered at, so we were happy to find a parking space on the street right out in front.

Walking in through the bar, I could tell right away the atmosphere was right up my alley, and I’m glad Neek felt the same way.  Very laid back, locals shooting pool, festive but not too noisy to hear good conversation.  There were tables set up against the wall in the main room that with the long wooden rail for drinks wrapping around the wall, I could tell they often have nightly concerts there.  We found one empty table and took advantage of happy hour by ordering a couple beers on tap for $3.50 each.  My Cold Smoke Scotch Ale was a pint worth savoring; if you like Newcastle, give it a try!

I had never tried buffalo meat before, so when they brought out my buffalo burger, I dug in with an open mind, ready for anything.  I loved it!  I’m not sure if it was because of how they cooked it, which was medium and juicy, or how they seasoned it but it was delicious meat.  Neek also got a salad with chicken that she shared with me that we enjoyed.  The fries were great too, cut long but still thick enough to taste soft potato, though fried pretty crispy.  We took our time enjoying ourselves, grateful to not be hassled or hustled, but to be in a fun place to chill out!



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