Old Faithful Visitor Center and Upper Geyser Basin

Lex sez:

The terrain around the Old Faithful Inn has so much more than just the Old Faithful geyser.  The Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone is a geothermal area with the highest concentration of geysers in the world!  Before checking that out, Neek and I walked over to the Old Faithful Visitor Educational Center.  There were a lot of colorful and informative displays on the many natural wonders at Yellowstone and a gift shop with a lot of great books I enjoyed browsing.  They even had a short film presentation, but unfortunately Neek and I were too pressed for time to watch it: we had hiking to do!

We decided the best way to cover the most sights was to split up.  Neek set out on a more direct path while mine was a little more curvy.  Both of us tried to see as many geysers as we could on our way to the same destination: Morning Glory Pool.


Morning Glory Pool

I walked around what the map called Geyser Hill and I could see why: it seemed like there was a geyser every five feet!  Walking past, there was a grassy clearing where I saw a herd of bison, including some cute calves.  Neek and I actually crossed paths at Grotto Geyser, then hiked together to Morning Glory.  It wasn’t as blue as we remembered decades ago, more of an emerald green, but still a breathtaking sight.


Spiteful Geyser

Neek sez:

After seeing Old Faithful Geyser erupt, we took a short walk to the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center which was built in 2010.


Old Faithful Visitors Center

Anything you want to know about the hydrothermal features of Yellowstone National Park can be answered here.  I really enjoyed reading and seeing all the fascinating exhibits of Yellowstone being “One of the Greatest Living Laboratories on Earth”.  What an understatement!  There’s also a great little room for the kids, where they can learn about the park through hands on exhibits.  They were showing a film in an auditorium but Lex and I didn’t have time to see it.

We walked toward the Upper Geyser Walk which was just across from the parking lot.  There were two paths, so I took one and Lex took the other.  The video is a combination seen from both areas.


Wow! This place had so much energy with the more than 250 geysers constantly steaming or erupting, pools of colorful and dangerously hot water, dead trees standing amidst thermophilic bacterial mats, and animals just roaming around.

Hey does anyone know if the animal at the end of our video is a fox or coyote?  We couldn’t really tell.  The bison calves were so cute, but of course, we used a zoom lens to shoot them.

There are plenty of signs warning not to approach any of the animals and not to walk off the path.

Before we knew it, we had spent 4 hours there.  I swear it seemed more like one.  There was so much to see and experience that we forgot the time.  When we finally took a break for lunch, we just ate in our car.  The roast beef sandwiches were deliciously devoured with a side of potato chips.


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